Managing Grief With Help From Your Funeral Home


If your family has recently lost a loved one and one or more family members are struggling with grief, your funeral home may have a solution. Most funeral homes offer some form of grief management to help people get past the pain and back into their daily lives. The approach that each funeral home takes may be different. Talk with the director or staff to find out the types of support they offer and which of the following techniques are employed to help you and your family deal with the grief of your loss.

7 August 2016

3 Reasons You Don't Need To Fear Going To A Funeral (And One You Do)


Death is an inevitable part of life that most people eventually learn to accept or make their peace with in some way. It's not always easy to face the death of others, though, and going to a funeral can seem scary if you have never been to such a service before. Here are three reasons that you shouldn't fear going to a funeral (and one you should). 1. Don't Worry! It's Really a Celebration of Life

27 July 2016

How To Talk To A Child About Death Before A Funeral


Funerals are difficult for people of all ages and stages of life, but they can be even more difficult for kids. Children may get scared and confused, especially if they were close to the person who has passed away. Be sure to thoroughly prepare your kids for the experience of going to their first funeral by following these steps. Express Your Own Feelings One of the ways that children understand that it's okay to show their emotions is seeing how openly and healthily you are able to express your own emotions.

14 July 2016

3 Things You Didn't Know About Cremation


Cremation is growing in many states, and for good reason. It's often a third of the cost of a traditional burial and allows a person to leave a physical part of themselves behind for family members to cherish or scatter in memory around the globe. If you have always been curious about cremation, here are 3 facts you didn't know that may help you understand the practice a bit more and why it is becoming such an in-demand funeral trend.

29 June 2016

Do You Really Want A Private Cemetery?


If you own a lot of land and have been contemplating turning part of it into a private cemetery for your family, you may want to think about that very carefully. While it's nice to have the family so close and not have to worry about many of the costs that go into burying loved ones in public cemeteries, private cemeteries have their own problems. Take a look at these three issues before you go ahead with your plans.

14 June 2016

Steps For Successfully Planning A Co-Funeral


Having two family members pass on around the same time can be especially devastating. Losing two people within a matter of days or a week is not unheard of in a large family, especially with one generation getting older. If you have two close family members who pass away at the same time, it may be easier on everyone and on expenses to plan out one funeral at a time. Here are some steps to properly planning a co-funeral.

3 June 2016

Must-Have Components Of A Sympathy Note For A Funeral Service


When someone you love is coping with the death of a loved one, it's easy to feel helpless since you can't take away the pain. However, taking small actions can ultimately be quite comforting to the bereaved. One of the most powerful things you can do is write a heartfelt letter of sympathy. In fact, according to The New York Times, the condolence letter is as deeply personal as any communication could possibly be.

26 May 2016

What You Should Never Do During A Eulogy


Going to the funeral of a loved one can be among the most stressful and upsetting things one has to do, and the immediate family members have deep needs within their grief at funeral services. They may ask those who knew and cared for the deceased to deliver a eulogy. If you find yourself writing a eulogy to help with the funeral planning of a loved one, you may want to start by knowing what to avoid in the eulogy.

26 May 2016

3 Ways To Honor A Loved One At A 4th Of July Picnic


After a loved one has passed, it's important to grieve and celebrate their life in the company of close family and friends. If your loved one has passed away near the Fourth of July, then there are multiple ways you can honor their life. Holding a Fourth of July picnic is an ideal way to gather friends and family together for a celebration of life. Along with regular picnic traditions, you can incorporate three different ways to honor your loved one.

23 May 2016

Three Weak Excuses For Not Sharing Your End-Of-Life Plans With Your Loved Ones


Have you planned your own funeral, or even shared any of your wishes with the people who will be responsible for handling your arrangements? It's usually not very high on people's to-do lists, although sometimes the sudden death of a loved one or colleague can spur you into action. However, avoiding the discussion is common and often leaves the survivors wondering what the deceased would have wanted. Many people simply make excuses for not pre-planning their funerals or even sharing their basic preferences for what happens to them when they die.

9 May 2016